How to Make Money Online From Facebook

The 6 Easy Steps to Making Money on Facebook

Even though Facebook isn’t as popular as it once was, it still has a huge user base: over 2.9 billion active users per month, which is far more than Instagram (1.3 billion), TikTok (one billion), or Twitter (396 million).

Users have tried a variety of methods, including affiliate marketing, Messenger ads, and the Facebook Marketplace, to monetize their profiles. However, there are obstacles to monetizing a Facebook page: The percentage of a page’s fans that see a post simply because it was published organically has dropped to about 5% from 7% in 2018, and even those who pay to boost their posts with ads and sponsored content are seeing their reach decline.

It’s good news, that’s for sure. Exciting new ways for entrepreneurs and content creators with large Facebook fan bases to monetize their online presence are being rolled out by Facebook. Here are six ways to monetize your Facebook audience in 2022, along with the requirements you’ll need to adhere to do it successfully, whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the side or find more customers for your existing business.

1) Create videos with pre-roll and mid-roll ads

Ads that play during a video’s playback are highly effective because viewers are essentially unable to skip them. A Facebook user is more likely to watch an ad to completion when it appears in the middle of a video they are viewing, as opposed to a solo ad in their feed, which is more likely to be ignored.

• Advertising during video playback:

LIFEWTR is a bottled water company that wanted to boost its reputation and encourage innovative thinking about its product. As a result, Facebook Watch and other Facebook properties were utilized to showcase the company’s community art projects through the use of compelling visual narratives. Brand awareness increased by a factor of two, and ad recall increased by a factor of nearly two, thanks to the campaign.

• As to why it was successful:

Through the use of in-stream advertising, LIFEWTR was able to engage and hold the attention of its target demographic.

• To launch:

Before you start making videos, it’s important to consider your goals and the kinds of brand stories you want to tell. If you want to place ads in the middle of the video, you should create videos with one or two-second pauses.

2) Offer premium subscriptions on your page

Fan subscriptions are a great way to generate dependable monthly revenue because they encourage your most devoted followers to pay a set amount regularly to help fund your page. This is an excellent method for brands and creators who have a sizable and engaged audience to monetize their page and reward fans with exclusive content and discounts on additional purchases. Users can tip their favorite creators for additional content by purchasing a pack of stars through the “stars” feature of the app.

3) Cooperate with many brands

In order to reach a wider audience and keep things interesting, it’s a good idea to work with a complementary partner to create content. To expand their customer base and raise their profile, many companies are looking to partner with content producers, influencers, and other organizations. This may be a great opportunity to get new followers and drive more interaction with your content..

4) Get paid by your audience directly

In response to consumers just sharing TikTok postings, Facebook has declared it would prioritize organic video content generated exclusively for the site. As an example, if a creator or influencer can generate such an amount of views on a Facebook Reel, they will be able to unlock a monthly reward of up to $4,000.

5) Initiate web-based, fee-based events

Entice your fan base with a live event they can watch from the convenience of their own homes. Taking offline events online has never been easier than with Facebook’s paid events function, which allows you to organize, set up, and execute events directly from your page.

6) Acquire more customers by promoting your website

Shopify’s social shopping features make it easy to send customers from your Facebook page straight to your online store. Advertisers who have a small presence on Facebook can reach users in the middle of their scroll with shopping ads and compelling CTAs (CTAs). You can convert successful shoppable posts into advertisements to attract a wider audience or reach a specific demographic.


You can use Facebook’s wide audience as just a sales tool whether you’re starting an online store, offering sale services, or making digital or physical goods to sell. Engaging new and current audiences is now simpler than ever with the platform’s new range of capabilities tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and businesses.

But don’t limit yourself to a single tool or service. Create multiple entry points for customers, so that if one platform dies, you can still generate income. This is more crucial than ever before as the organic reach of mega-social media platforms like Facebook continues to decline and consumers become warier of paid advertising.

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