How to make money from quora

How To Make Money From Quora

When we can’t find what we’re looking for about a topic after exhausting all other resources, including Wikipedia, we turn to the question-and-answer website Quora. People from all walks of life share their thoughts on various issues, such as those raised on the site itself, as well as topics like making money, music, literature, film, computer science, lifestyle, and technology. Articles provide a forum for these perspectives. If we want honest opinions and first-hand accounts, we can find them on Quora. This is because, on Quora, people are willing to open up about their true feelings and experiences, which can benefit those who are seeking guidance. We can get real answers and first-hand accounts from people all over the world by visiting the Q&A website Quora. Originally, the idea behind Quora was to have it serve as a website with a question-and-answer service, complete with question-and-answer software that would respond to questions posted by users.

How to Make Money on Quora in 4 Easy Steps

Making money online is another option with Quora. Let’s talk about the most prevalent and productive techniques to make money using this medium.

Promotion Via Affiliation

Quora generates revenue primarily through affiliate marketing. Generalizing, affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which a business rewards an outside party for bringing in customers. When you first go to a website, do you ever see a button that says “Accept Cookies? “

  • Making content that is interesting and relevant to your intended audience is the first step in affiliate marketing.
  • Once you’ve settled on the topic, research what information your audience needs and provide it.
  • Write the article as usual, but remember to add the affiliate links at appropriate points.
  • The customer follows your link to checkout. The commission is tracked through the affiliate network after the purchase has been made.

You are free to use as many affiliate links as you like on Quora to get people to your posts. A big number of leads and financial gain might result, for instance, by reaching a huge number of people who are interested in your specialty and providing them with a direct connection to your content or business’s product.

Answering to Inquiries

As I mentioned before, the purpose of Quora is to provide answers to questions posted by users, much like selling access to a database. Whether or not we know it, Quora generates millions of dollars annually from the sale of access to its user-generated database. In addition, users can make money on Quora by answering questions; the site’s algorithm chooses the top answers from a pool of thousands and pays out knowledge rewards of $200 to $1,000. People on Quora want accurate information, so it’s important to provide it when answering their questions. After compiling and analyzing the data, the findings can be published for the intended audience to peruse.

The Affiliate Scheme

If you ask insightful questions on Quora and are accepted into the program as a Partner, you can make money. The only way to make money with questions is to be invited to the platform’s partner program. That which must be met as a condition:

  • The minimum view count to qualify for an invite into the program is 100,000.
  • To grab the program’s attention, ask questions often. If you answer daily questions with consideration for a few weeks, you’ll be invited to join the partner program.
  • If you want people to take you seriously on Quora, your answer needs to reflect that.
  • Include relevant photos and detailed explanations in your profile.
  • The daily question quota for the partners is 10.
  • In any case, the sum you receive will not be proportional to the number of questions.
  • If the query is widely read, it will generate income from ad impressions.

Premium plan

Subscribers gain access to your site’s premium articles. Only Quora+ members and people who subscribe to your space will be able to view the premium content you publish there (your subscribers). Making content for your site can fall into two categories: free and paid. If it is labeled as Paid content, only subscribers and Quora+ users will be able to view it. Monthly subscriptions begin at just $0.99. If you own Space, you get to set the price. The subscribers can choose to follow your page. You’ll get to keep sixty percent of the membership. If your subscription costs $10 per month and you have 100 subscribers, you will earn $600. You can charge a monthly or yearly fee to access your content’s dedicated audience. You get to choose which updates are only available to paying customers and how much they have to pay. Only those who have subscribed to you will be able to see your updates.


Quora is undeniably a money-making opportunity. However, before diving in, make sure you have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of the system, as not everyone has found financial success on the platform. Creating a new stream of passive income won’t be simple, but it is possible if you commit to a strategy and see it through. You can monetize your content through strategies like affiliate marketing, partner programs, and paid subscriptions.

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