Creepy creature spotted in Las Vegas

What is the mystery behind the UFO crash in Las Vegas?

A family in Las Vegas, US, claims to have seen an 8-feet tall alien behind their house. The police have also investigated the matter. The family says they first saw a green light in the sky, followed by a loud bang, and felt as if something had fallen from the sky. Something hit the ground with bright light, it felt as if lightning had struck or some energy had come. Its effect was felt.

The family claims that after this incident, it was felt that there was a sound of many steps, and when it looked, there was eight feet non-human, while the other was sitting inside a large machine. Police said the panicked family called 911(emergency telephone number in the USA), saying they had seen the alien. Quoting the police, the family said that they were aliens, who were looking at them with big eyes. He was not human—not 100% human. This incident occurred on 1st May 2023.

Now the Las Vegas Police Department has released its video on social media. The clip was recorded through the body camera of a police officer. In this, something can be seen coming down from the sky. The same officer says that he and one of his relatives saw this scene in the sky at the same time.

8 feet creature created a stir in America

America has often been accused of having a search for aliens going on there. In some films, other people have also claimed that America has a secret place, where aliens have been kept and research is going on. Once again, such a sensational revelation has come about in America.

Aliens can reach us through the signals of mobile towers, a shocking revelation in the study!

The study, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, suggests that aliens may be able to track us using mobile tower signals.

This topic is always presented in a sensational way, while we do not know what aliens look like. What kind of nature can they have toward us? Scientists from all over the world have been engaged in the search for years that where else is their life other than Earth. If there are aliens, where are they? The help of radar and satellites is being used in this search. Possible signals are being traced, which could be from aliens. But a study says that aliens can reach us in a similar way.

A study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society suggests that aliens may be able to track us using mobile tower signals. Significantly, in the last decade, a network of mobile phone networks has been laid on the earth. For this, every country has installed millions of radio transmission towers, which are also commonly known as mobile towers.

Because of the presence of millions of mobile towers on our planet, some of the radio signals emanating from them also go into space. The study says that if aliens also have the technology and are equipped with capabilities related to radio astronomy, then signals to emanate from Earth can be detected in a dozen light-years or less than that.

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